Monday, February 1, 2010

Link Roundup - Ow! Edition

I don't know what on earth is wrong with me, but I slipped on the stairs Saturday and fell down the last two, then twisted my ankle walking to church Sunday morning - thankfully I didn't fall, since I was carrying my Goose! Neither was a particularly bad injury, but my other parts sure are sore - i.e. the ones that my friendly neighborhood chiropractor puts back into place each month. The bad thing is that I just visited him last Tuesday, so it'll be a gamble to see if I make it four weeks to my next visit.

So let's do something that WON'T cause me injury - check out these links: (and by the way, this isn't even all of them... but I need to get this sucker posted already!)

I don't know that I have the patience to make one, and I certainly don't have the cash to buy one, but oh, look at these felt card table playhouses from Imaginative Play Toys on Etsy.

These Homemade Baby Toys at Chasing Cheerios are super cute and easy!

Check out this button snake at Counting Coconuts! Not only does the idea itself rock, but I am always looking for ideas for my nephew, since between Goose and my four nieces, all I know is girl stuff. [and speaking of such, Dana at made is teaming up to Celebrate the Boy with boy stuff all through February - I can't wait!]

You don't have to celebrate Kansas Day to enjoy these fabric sunflowers from Skip To My Lou.

File these under "so cute they make my ovaries hurt" - Soft Baby Shoe Tutorial from Family Centered.

In light of the little bowtie posted recently (and along the lines of celebrating the boy above!), I couldn't NOT post this child's tie at Keeping it Simple.

While it's a Valentine's tradition at Kojo Designs, these lovely bundles could be made any color and decorated for anything!

Since they showed up on So You Think You're Crafty, I've been eyeing these Rollie Pollies by Dana at Made. Though I'm a bit afraid I'd loose a Goose in there! :>)

This week's felt food: pancakes from Mia Moo Designs.

Here are grain free brownies at Naturally Knocked Up. Aaand now I'm hungry...

... And this isn't going to help. Homemade donuts? In 20 minutes or less? I am SO IN. (@ Cooking During Stolen Moments)

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship tells us How to Reverse Engineer a Recipe for Real Food Quality, which is extremely helpful as I'm on a quest to eat food that does not have unpronouncable ingredients. (Admittedly it's going to be a long journey for me...)

Tipnut has a Q&A on Olive Oil.

No Time For Flash Cards has a neat 5 Senses Touch Activity - everybody wins! :>)

This is a great way to support efforts in Haiti - Craft Hope over at Etsy. Crafters have donated goods and all proceeds are going Doctors Without Borders. Not to mention there is some very, very cute stuff over there!

These DIY thank yous would really help little ones along - and great practice, too! (@ Skip To My Lou)

See sweet baby Clara and get inspired at Frugal Family Fun Blog's rewind back to their indoor sandbox using oatmeal. A lot of oatmeal!

I'd call this borderline between "Make" and "Do" - not difficult, but time-consuming. Either way, I like this twine covered bottle with a twist at Fun To Craft.

My favorite line from this article on breastfeeding in Mongolia from Momzelle: "In Mongolia, breastmilk is not just for babies, it’s not only about nutrition, and it’s definitely not something you need to be discreet about. It’s the stuff Genghis Khan was made of."

I have really been enjoying reading A Slob Comes Clean, and it is helping to inspire me in my 40 Bags in Days Challenge. I've found myself asking the questions from this post over and over lately: Where would I go if I was looking for this item? (take it there) If I needed this item, would it ever occur to me that I already have one? (If no, put it in the garage sale). Very, very helpful!!!

And, Karen Edmisten blogs about decluttering and faith, a reminder that I really need right now. (Need to store up my treasures in heaven, not here!)

I learned a lot from this Faith & Family Live article Turning to Mary for Comfort. I've found myself doing just that a lot more lately.

Melissa Wiley has an interesting post (with a link to an article) In Praise of Keyboarding, how typing makes creative writing easier.

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