Saturday, February 6, 2010

Link Roundup - On the Road Edition

Thanks to the miracle that is everyday technology, I am currently typing this from my laptop using cell towers for an internet connection as we're zipping down I-80 on our way to pick up Goose. I've had a great couple of days of decluttering without her, but I'm anxious to have her back in our nest where she belongs.

I'm thinking I need to do another mid-week roundup 'cause I have lots of fun things to share, but you know what they say about the best laid plans... Let's see what's going on this week:

Don't let the tongue twister title scare you, and even if you already know how to make tutus, check out Angie's Twirly Tee Tutu Tute at Treasures for Tots. It's a brilliant way to handle tulle, which is rather difficult to cut.

I can't NOT post these, it seems - paper flowers at Tipnut. LOTS of paper flowers.

This nightstand into a play kitchen stove at Vintage Songbird is *amazing*!

Sooo sweet - Why I Love You Pillows at How Does She? - they're made out of dollar aisle dish towels, too!

I nodded along at the part about still searching for the "perfect" granola bar recipe, but being more like a cookie than a granola bar is not a bad thing in my book! Cooking During Stolen Moments has oatmeal butterscotch bars that sound yummy.

Oh, Amy, I don't see this ending well for my rear end . . . rice krispy roll at The Finer Things. MMMM.

While we're on the subject, these Rice Krispy Kisses at Roots and Wings are cute cute cute! My favorite part is the paper sticking out the top, just like the real thing. :>)

I can't say I'm surprised that this Cherry Cheese Bread is served in heaven - it sounds divine! (@ somewhat simple)

More yummy breakfast food - Fluffy Whole Grain Pancakes at the Apple Cider Mill. (Though I'll admit I will never look at pancakes again without hearing Sarah in my head, saying "nothing like starting the day with carbs covered in sugar!")

Along with the above FLOWERS, Tipnut also has a post on different types of FLOUR. (groan!)

Scroll down in this post of Saturday Snapshots at Here in the Bonny Glen to see photos turned into coloring pages, and check out the comments for tips on how to do it. Neat! There is also a follow-up post here.

These Simple Solutions to Everyday Issues at the Nester is great, but make sure you take time to scroll through the comments - lots of good stuff there!

I've not made time to call the number yet, but I took the slip of paper at the post office advertising jobs with the 2010 Census. You can read why Trent at the Simple Dollar thinks it's a great opportunity here.

Chris at Bread of Life has written an excellent post on Pope John Paul II and the Essence of Manliness. I have linked a number of times to Chris's wife, Stacey, who writes Almost There. They both are wonderful writers with an abundance of faith and I'm so glad they share it with us!

As Easter approaches, I need to make use of these 20 Tips for Making a Good Confession at "What Does the Prayer Really Say?" (also known as one of the longest blog names EV-AR...)

I already have another 20+ links waiting in the wings, so hopefully I'll get another roundup pulled together soon. In the meantime, happy surfing!


Alison@howdoesshe said...

Thanks for the link!!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

thats so nice of you to feature me! thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recipe links. I just printed off the Cherry Cheese Bread - we love cherry anything around here.