Saturday, November 26, 2011

Daybook for November 26, 2011

Outside my window... today was chilly and windy, after a few days of beautiful weather. I think it will warm back up again this week though. Goose and I took advantage of the nice weather on Wednesday and put up the Christmas lights on the porch. We waited until tonight to turn them on, and she is THRILLED.

I am thinking... that my adrenal glands aren't doing as well as I had hoped. I bumped my supplement levels back up to the full amount, and so far it's helping a little, but I am trying to be patient.

I am praying for... my father-in-law. A week ago yesterday, they estimated he probably only had days to go; a week ago today, they dropped it down to just hours. He has had ups and downs since then, but yesterday he asked to be brought out to the living room to sit for a while. Also praying for patience to wait on God's timing.

I am thankful for... every minute we have with my father-in-law.

From the learning rooms... whoof. Much of our time has been spent at the farm, so this area has been a bit neglected.

From the kitchen... whoof again. We've eaten most of our meals at the farm, too. For thanksgiving, I brought creamy corn and peppers and cheesy mashed potatoes. We had baked oatmeal a few days this week, and I also made this Pumpkin Coffee Cake. It was really good!

I am wearing... purple long sleeved shirt, pinkish purplish cords.

I am creating... umm, a few cell phone cases for the craft shop, and I have some ideas in my head for Christmas gifts that I need to get moving on.

I am pondering... that we rejoice in the hope of the resurrection.

I am reading... Real Learning: Education In the Heart of the Home

I am hoping... for a better night's sleep tonight.

I am hearing... Hubs talking to the video game he's playing. :>)

Around the house... needs some picking up, for sure.

One of my favorite things... Goose learning how to walk carefully up to a skittish cat and gently pet it. Girl after my own heart! :>)

A few plans for the rest of the week... our final Bible study session on Monday, small claims court for our little village on Thursday, and lots of time at the farm, I'm sure.

A picture thought I am sharing... Goosie and Grandpa, taken a few months ago.