Saturday, February 27, 2010

Link Roundup - No Nap XIX Edition

Yet another day, yet another missed nap. Yet another super early bedtime. She'll be three soon. Going on sixteen, I think.

So, I'll go to my happy place, where there are pretty things to make, yummy things to eat, and fun things to do.

Along the lines of the ABC Book I made for Goose, here's a soft baby book as part of Celebrating the BOY, at Thimbly Things.

I need to make one of these quick kids art smocks for Goose ... so I can get over being freaked out by messy toddler craft projects. (@ forty-two roads)

So THIS is what I can do with these scraps - sweetheart pin cushions from Happy Together. (Plus I could use a cute pincushion!)

Dana at MADE shows us how to make a boy's sweater vest from a man's sweater. How cute is that?!?

On my "someday" list is a portable DVD player for long car trips, and if we get one, I'll be all over this portable DVD player tote at Make It And Love It. Good stuff!

How fun are these sweater mittens at Five Green Acres?!?

Really adorable!! I love this rose petal tutu from Candace Creations. I love knock off stuff like this!

At Tipnut this week - fruit dip recipes, cooking with apples, how to melt chocolate, tender ways with less-tender cuts of meat, and 50 household uses for baking soda (OK, so that falls under "DO" but I guess it is my roundup.)

There are at least a few taffy recipes in my enormous pile, and it's post like this homemade taffy at Skip To My Lou that makes me think I could do it!

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has a great how to soak flour in whole grain recipes article at Way to go, Katie!

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Kells Guinness Meatballs, at Michelle's Junk Drawer.

Mmm! Thick, chewy granola bars at Smitten Kitchen.

This must mean that spring isn't too far away - tips on starting seeds at Fine Gardening.

Since I'm still suffering from insomnia, I was very interested to read these Health Sleep Habit Tips, a guest post by Catherine at Shoe Box Daily, over at Amy's Finer Things.

This DIY geoboard at Feels Like Home is awesome!

No Time for Flashcards put together a great supply list for crafting with little people.

Looking at my 2010 Mid-Year Resolutions, I need to pay close attention to these Seven Habits of Highly Successful Homemakers at I'm an Organizing Junkie, a guest post by Cheryl at Moms in Need of Mercy.

Bethany at The Apple Cider Mill wrote a great post on Going It Alone, a post for wives considering the Catholic faith when their husband is not Catholic.

Stacey has a thought-provoking post on When We Die at Almost There.

A testimony to large families! God Said Multiply, and Did She Ever at the New York Times, about Yitta Schwartz, who died with possibly 2,000 descendants. Wow!

I know it's not at all the right time of year, but I found some cute Christmas stuff! And actually, these super cute pea pod ornaments at Betz White would be fun anytime of the year.

These guys know their stuff - building a gingerbread house by King Arthur Flour.

I'm trying to figure out a Nativity based Advent calendar for Goose for next Christmas since she loves baby Jesus so much, but this Christmas tree Advent calendar is amazing. (@ Inchmark)

These yarn Christmas trees are SO CUTE and, according to the post at Pretty Ditty, fast to make. (One of my favorite things in a craft. :>))

Happy clicking!


Kristena said...

Hi, Linetta! Thanks for including me in your link roundup! I love the book you made too. It's so much more involved than mine! I've thought about doing something like that before, but I don't think I have the patience. :) It's great though!

Angela said...

I LOVE the link on the 7 habits of successful homemakers. We were just discussing that topic in Bible Study the other day, I think I'll print it off to share with everyone. And the blog with the article about being married to a non-Catholic has some really interesting and great stuff! I just spent a lot of time on there.