Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daybook for September 7, 2011

I put a button in my sidebar so you can get to my boards on Pinterest and read the whole internet over there. :>) Oh, and I pinned a post called "And That's Why You Should Learn to Pick Your Battles" - language warning, but I laughed until I cried. And I totally know where to get a five foot metal chicken locally...

Outside my window... it is so beautiful! We're in a spell of jacket weather, and though it probably won't last, it sure puts me in a better mood.

I am thinking... that I forgot to answer the comment from my "favorite uncle" Ray a while back. Yes, I know the stinkin' Yankees are beating the soup out of my beloved Minnesota Twins. :>)

I am thankful for... making decisions that are not life and death. So much of life is serious, but so much more of it is not really as bad as we make it out to be. (see below)

From the learning rooms...ah, how interesting it's been. The pendulum has swung so widely, and interestingly the same day she *started* preschool (of which I hated EVERY SINGLE MINUTE she was gone!), I learned there is a Catholic homeschooling group in one of the nearby big towns. I'm a bit frustrated because I looked and asked around, but I guess I didn't look in the right places and ask the right people the right questions. So I'm seriously considering punting on "real" preschool and doing things at home, where I really feel we belong.

From the kitchen...I'm just finally starting to get inspired there again. Poor Hubs; it seems like I just start to recover from the uncertainty of meals during planting season and then it's irrigating season and he doesn't get home until late again. Then I almost recover from that and get back into the swing of cooking, and it's harvest time. I've recently made chicken spaghetti, chicken and rice, and I have a big hankering for meatloaf.

I am wearing...a shirt in my favorite color of blue and black capris. Since I started taking adrenal supplements almost six weeks ago, I've finally started to feel a bit better! (though I came down with another cold and this one is knocking me for a loop - I didn't realize how good I was feeling until I started feeling lousy!) All this is to say that I've lost a couple of pounds, and I'm hoping as I continue to feel better, that trend will also continue. And since it's cooler (see above!), I know I need to get out and do some walking.

I am creating... fun stuff for the craft shop. I realized I should have been taking pictures of the stuff I've been doing, but I never remember - plus I craft in the basement at night, which doesn't make for the awesomest picture taking. But, here's a short list: Preppy Bibs, Marble Travel Games, Barefoot Baby Bloom Booties, and I tried a Cotton Candy Skirt for Goose, but didn't like it so I put it up for sale. :>) I think my problems were that I tried to make it too wide, so there was too much white space behind the tulle, and I tried to do it in rainbow colors, so it was kinda all over the place. I'm thinking one color would've been better.

Oh, and an update on the rainbow backpack for preschool... another little girl has a PRINCESS backpack, that has a handle that pops out so it becomes a rolling bag. Goose told me she doesn't like rainbows anymore, that she wants one like that. Sigh. I told her I'd put some Care Bears on it or something. Sigh.

I am pondering...SCHOOL! and feeling quite excited about it. :>)

I am reading... Last Child in the Woods, with Cinderella Ate My Daughter on deck, and Choosing to See in the hole.

I am hoping... the adrenal supplements continue to work. I would love for this school year to be a chance for me to get on track with the house and with Goose. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

I am hearing... Bugs buzzing outside - cicadas? I think we've been hearing them for over a month, which means the old wives tale says we'll have a freeze before the end of the month. I hope not, because I haven't done as much picking from my garden as I should have yet.

Around the house... I have actually felt like picking up and doing things! This is HUGE, people! Of course it all came crashing to a halt with this most recent cold, but I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

One of my favorite things... reading with Goose. I thrifted a fun rhyming book and we've read it a few times today already. I love to see her starting to figure things out!

A few plans for the rest of the week... we're paid up for a month, so there will be preschool tomorrow, then Friday is a big local consignment sale and a small rummage sale. Next week is Husker Harvest Days, a big farm show that we love to attend with Papa, and hopefully more friends coming for a farm tour on Friday.

A picture thought I am sharing...

My best friend from high school visited us again this summer with her two kids, and it was so fun to see them playing with Goose! We did the farm tour again, and just all around had a ball. Next year can't come soon enough!

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