Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Link Roundup - Advent Edition

We are truly enjoying this season of waiting for baby Jesus's birthday and thankfully not getting too wrapped up in the craziness that sometimes goes along with the holidays. I am almost done with my handmade gifts for the year (no clicking through to that, sisters-in-law!) and am looking forward celebrating the holiday season.

I'm still pretty backlogged on links, but I tried to pull out the Christmas and Advent oriented ones to get them up.

Very cute Spool Advent Calendar Kits at Just Something I Made.

Oooh, this DIY Chest Rub (like Vicks!) sounds wonderful.

I'm loving this M&M Nativity Story and treats as shown at My Computer Is My Canvas.

There aren't specific instructions, but I am totally in love with this Nativity Advent Calendar at barefoot in the kitchen, also seen on Flickr by sahm3.

Another fun idea to consider for next year are these Advent Boxes at I can teach my child.

I am loving the beautiful simplicity of these Christmas Star Ornaments at little dear tracks.

One of my favorite things - Peppermint Bark - and five different ways to make it, at Tipnut.

Ooh this sounds so good... La Tire de Ste. Catherine, a yummy taffy.

Cauldrons and Crockpots has some interesting background information on elderberries.

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship is over at Green Your Way telling us 4 Ways to Knock Out Your Cold With Things You Already Have.

Feel free to tuck this away for next year since I'm a bit behind in posting it, but Jennifer at Conversion Diary has a great post on Baby Steps for Celebrating Advent: 24 Super Simple Ideas.

See what Jessica at Shower of Roses has for Links for Advent Planning from her archives. (Hint - tons of awesome stuff.)

This is not only Do but Don't Do, courtesy of A Slob Comes Clean: Vacuuming the Christmas Tree and Other Dos and Don'ts for Storing Christmas Decorations.

There is a roundup of Christmas Crafts at No Time For Flash Cards. I'm totally eyeing the ice cream cone Christmas trees...

Yes, I know last year I linked to Liturgical Gift Giving at For Where E'er We Go, but I still love it and think it's a super idea.

An old post with a great idea on how to gradually put out your Nativity Set at Just Another Day in Paradise.

Jessica at Shower of Roses linked to a Free Printable Paper Nativity Set and Free Downloadable 3-D Nativity Sets. I also want to make sure and make some St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins next year to put in Goose's shoe. (Let's not kid ourselves - Mama's shoe will be right next to hers!) Finally, you can also see what is in Jessica's Advent and Christmas Book Baskets.

Obviously I have lots more links, but I want to get the Advent ones out there. Happy clicking, and I hope to have another post up before too much longer. :>)

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