Saturday, September 25, 2010

Link Roundup - Stuffed Folder Edition

I did a quick count, and it seems there are well over 100 links in my folder to share. Guess that's what I get for skipping a few weeks! I didn't mean to take a break, but here we are. Don't worry, I'll put them up in chunks... no hugely ginormous link posts. Let's get started - lots to do!

Crafty friends, check out Amy's Finer Things for a chance to win a Silhouette Craft Cutter - wow!

A girl and a glue gun has a category of several things to make with little tins. Whether you eat a lot of those fancy mints or picked some up on clearance after Christmas last year like I did, there are some cute ideas to help use them up.

Not to be confused with the title of this section, {Make} has a Teeny Tiny Tote Tutorial that lives up to its name (as well as the description CUTE CUTE CUTE!).

Frugal Family Fun Blog wants to help you keep tabs on your stuff with Back To School Photo Name Labels.

Attagirl, Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy! (hee) She came up with her own Fire Truck Pillow to go with a car pillow she made from another tutorial. Big thumbs up!

I've linked to Filth Wizardry before, and here's another good one: Fairy Houses and Fairy Wings for Your Dolls.

from blank pages shows us how to make very cute Name Mobiles.

It must be fall! Tipnut posted links to recipes for 24 Apple Cakes to Make.

There is an Actual Caramel Recipe on Chickiepea's blog that sounds divine - and real!

Oh, how fun (and delicious-sounding): Frosted (JUMBO) Animal Cookies at Bake at 350, which I must say is an adorable blog title.

The Pioneer Woman tells us how to make Fried Round Steak.

Want to make your own egg noodles? Check out this recipe by Sarah at Heartland Renaissance. Hers are made from sprouted spelt, but you can use regular flour, too.

A guest post at Money Saving Mom tells us 10 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online.

Heh - a thousand words has a great idea of what to do with a Bleached Top (or any other item of clothing which has some accidental bleach spots).

I've posted about something similar before, but it involved actual tools. I hadn't thought of modifying Excavating Objects From Ice like Chasing Cheerios did.

Though the music is annoying, I really like the concept behind Crayola's Play Zone where you can upload digital photos and turn them into coloring pages for the kiddos.

Oh, Couturier Mommy is a brave lady to have this (super fun looking!) Paint Party.

If you're a traveler and a plant lover, check out this How To: Create a Simple Houseplant Wicking System at Craftzine.

Admittedly I still haven't gotten brave enough to try it on my machine, but this gives me confidence: Shirring Problems - I Cracked It! at Creative Heart.

Skip to My Lou shows us how to make Crochet Mosaics with little ones. Very fun!

We don't plan vacations very often, but once in a blue moon we find ourselves with a little time. has "great last minute deals on vacation rentals that might help.

So it's getting too cold for such things, but for next year, think about Valerie's DIY Slip & Slide at Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Doubly Blessed +1 tells us about the Little Man Party she threw for her son. Very cute!

Also to file away for next summer, Faith & Family Live explains Shakespeare in the Summertime.

I think I've linked to something similar before, but from Creative Mama, here is Free Printable Traceable Stationary For Kids.

No Time for Flash Cards posted a sanity-saver in Glue Tracing.


Zimms Zoo said...

We made the button headbands for my 12yo to give away as party favors at her party. Very cute and easy!

I love apple cake so must try that one!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

You're back!

ChickiePea said...

Thanks for linking to my caramel recipe :) I love that your daughter is also "Goose."