Thursday, January 21, 2010

Very, Very Small Successes

Today is the day to celebrate small successes over at Faith & Family Live. Mine are very, very small today.

1) I have accepted the fact that the toddler and I both got up before we were ready to be done sleeping. (Her choice to get up, NOT MINE.) I'm really looking forward to naptime, though!! She missed a nap day before yesterday and has been quite "TWO" ever since. It's so hard to get her caught up!

2) I (mostly) kept my cool when there was a potty incident because she was messing around while on the potty. There was a brief exclamation of surprise, which I think is reasonably acceptable considering the circumstances.

3) I'm focusing on the fact that Goose recited the last half of her beloved Snow White book that she got a week and a half ago *from memory * while we were washing her hands.

and I have a bonus success:
4) After the stomach bug, Goose is finally back in her regular "under clothes" and seems to be back to normal. I kept a diaper on her just in case since then, though she did great at telling us when she needed to go potty most of the time. (There were a few incidents that woke her up from her naps - I can't blame her for those!)

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2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Some weeks we just have to celebrate those teeny tiny successes and know there will be easier weeks to come. And I'm so glad she's past the stomach bug. Poor little thing. :(