Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calming a Cranky Goose

This past week, it has been reinforced to me that certain children (cough*GOOSE*cough) really need to stick to their schedule - especially with regards to sleep - to do well. Even if, for example, Goose still gets her nap but it's at a later time, it throws things off because our bodies have certain times that they are wired to sleep, and sleeping outside of those times tends can result in poor quality sleep. (I'm not just making this up, someday I'll tell you about my favorite baby sleep book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.)

After the "hen party" last week, I returned home to a crying Goose and her not-feeling-so-good papa - I think they were both pretty glad to see me! I'll admit that one of the reasons I waited so long to wean the honker was because she woke up pretty much every morning and from every nap crying until she was well over a year old. (After that, it was most of the time, and then decreased until her second birthday or so.) Since I can no longer squirt milk at her, I have tried to find various other means of distraction.

Though I try to limit how much "screen time" of various types to which Goose is exposed, there is a certain set of YouTube videos called Simon's Cat that will cheer her up almost without fail. So, Papa and Grandma, if you need some help, try these (I think I remember all their proper titles as bestowed by Goose) - the rest of you can just enjoy. :>)

Meow Meow On The Door


Meow Meow Papa Go Night Night

Meow Meow On The Couch

Meow Meow In The Bed

Meow Meow In The Snow

Meow Meow On The Desk


Kim said...

I LOVED those videos!

I know what you mean about schedules. They don't stop needing them, ya know. Neither do we! ;)

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

I have a feeling we'll be needing the heck out of these tomorrow - it appears my Honker has the stomach flu. But on the upside, I happened to have a steam cleaner that I bought at a steal quite a while ago and hopefully it'll take the hurk smell out of my kitchen carpet...

I'm just thankful God gives us the grace to deal with this sort of stuff. Two years ago, I'd be FREAKED OUT just thinking about the possibility of her puking in the middle of the night and dealing with the mess and the loss of sleep. Now, I know it'll be fine, and chances are the night won't be that bad anyway.

(Of course it's much easier to be calm about this sort of thing when I'm no longer running on four hours of sleep per 24 hour period!)

Kim said...

You have my sympathy, my dear! Thank God for steam cleaners! Vinegar could come in handy as a rinse in this situation. It would neutralize the odors. Throw a little rubbing alcohol in and it'll dry faster.

I've come to terms with having crumbs on my kitchen floor pretty much all the time. My MIL always had crumbs and a dirty kitchen floor and I never could understand why she wasn't after them more often. I know now. It was futile! She gave up! :-O

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks so much for sharing those tiny movies. They are awesome. I was loving the whole time while watching them! :-) Will keep them bookmarked for when my kid(s) will get sick again ... very handy. :-)