Saturday, June 5, 2010

Link Roundup - What Day Is It? Edition

Seriously, I haven't a clue what day it is. Memorial Day threw me off completely since I usually proofread on Monday mornings. I'm hoping I'll get back into the swing of things this week. Perhaps I spent too much time in the sun today, too... I started the day by working in the garden at Hubs's grandma's, then mowed our lawn, then weeded and mulched in our garden. As soon as Goose fell asleep, I transplanted some green beans to where my peas didn't come up so well. Here's hoping I'll sleep well tonight!

Just in case you aren't as delirious as I am, here are some links!

Skip to My Lou has a guest post on Batik with Kids - it really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Another idea to tuck away for next year - Compostable Plant Pots made out of newspapers, at Mademoiselle Chaos.

Tipnut tells us 2 Quick & Easy Ways to Cook Parsnips - parsnips rank right up there with turnips as to a vegetable I'd like to get to know better.

Also at Tipnut are some Blueberry Quick Tips. How I love those little things! MMMM!

Oh, these look amazing - Fresh Fruit Popsicles from The Idea Room.

Confused about eating real food - what's good, what's not so much? Katie at Kitchen Stewardship was asked to collect all the “avoid this” terms in one place, as well as to make a list of “good foods, bad foods, and compromise foods.” Check it out here.

Yummy sounding Honey Mustard Chicken Strips from Trent at The Simple Dollar.

Another post that makes me a bit wistful about living in the middle of nowhere - Money Saving Mom's How To Get Started Playing The Drugstore Game, also known as "how to make the system work for you to get personal care products for free." Honestly, I'd rather have cats in the barn and cows in the back yard and miss out on the drugstore game, though.

A Slob Comes Clean is trying a summer experiment of drastic measure - One Week's Worth of Clothing.

Learn how to do Driveway Graffiti at No Time For Flashcards.

As recommended by Zimms Zoo, eighteen25 has a ton of really neat ideas.

Scroll down on this page at The Dollar Stretcher to read how to turn an 'Old Grill' into a 'New Potting Station'.

Need a wild and crazy birthday party idea? Check out the Messy Party at Kitchen Stewardship. It was a mess, and it looks like a good time was had by all!

By my request, Magicland Farms posted Information on Last Year's Late Blight that devastated tomato plants. (It even hit Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog last year. I was so sad for her!)

Laura at Heavenly Homemakers shows How to Grind Flour in a Grain Mill - literally, since there's a video. :>) Laura also detailed some of the Azure Standard Deals for June.

Such a needed reminder as I find myself hearing MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! many times each day - Embrace Them at In The Heart of My Home.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop wrote a guest post at Nourished Kitchen on The Messed Up Food Pyramid. Really interesting stuff!

Amy at Finer Things pointed out Raising Homemakers on how to "teach and prepare our daughters in the art of homemaking."

Jennifer from Conversion Diary detailed her journey from pro-choice to pro-life at America Magazine.

Here's a sweet story about a puppy who got trapped in a car engine, via Cute Overload. It has a happy ending, I promise! I wouldn't link it otherwise.

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