Saturday, June 12, 2010

Link Roundup - Wet Basement Edition

Did I mention we were maybe going to try to go camping this weekend? Well, the weather didn't look so great, so much to Hubs's dismay, I put the kibosh on it. We got almost 3.5" of rain last night. Also, have I mentioned that we have a leak in our basement? Hubs thought it might help to pull off our lousy gutters that don't have drainspouts. Long story short, it didn't help. It was a late night last night, and with 70% chance of rain tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night, things aren't looking so good!

But really, the rest of our house is a nice roof over our heads, so I can't complain too much. (Not even that Hubs dumped the shop vac full of dirt and junk in the tub. Oh, wait, I guess I just did...) Anyway. Links!

Counting Coconuts tells us how to make our own Spinny Speller. (Honest to goodness, I linked to one months ago and wondered if I could make one. There's my answer!)

OK, so videos aren't exactly my favorite way to learn something new, which means I haven't watched this yet. But my niece loves them, so I'll probably eventually check out this YouTube How-To Tye Dye a Peace Sign. Eventually.

Not sure if this would actually help me get motivated to meal plan, but I love the looks of this Meal Planning Organizer at Little Girl Big Studio.

Ooh, I like the looks of this Garden Fort as a someday for Goose project, from Mulberry Spot.

She Wears Flowers posted a tutorial on a Roll-A-Chore Soft Block that I'm tucking away for future reference.

This Simple Kite from Better In Bulk at Skip to My Lou is even simpler than I thought!

How easy is this - Marshmallow Shooters from Make It Do, a guest post at Skip To My Lou.

I have been surprised at how not difficult it is to keep my sourdough starter more or less happy, even though I don't cook with it as often as I should. Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS tells us 2 Simple Needs of Sourdough Starter (and yes, Amy @ Finer Things, this is for you! :>))

Not sure if I'll end up with a bucket of pears via my dad again this year or not, but just in case, I'll be ready with these 10 Recipes for Homemade Pear Butter from Tipnut.

It's the most important meal of the day, and here are 10 Once-A-Month-Cooking Breakfast Ideas (i.e. good to make and freeze!) from Family, Stamping and FOOD.

MMM, I just had lunch and thinking about these Hallee's Fabulous Travel Sandwiches is making me hungry again! (@ Hallee the Homemaker - AND there's a link in there to her French bread recipe!)

It's the strawberry time of year, and Laura at Heavenly Homemakers helped us out by posting her Healthy Strawberry Shortcake recipe.

Mosquitoes have been out for blood for a few weeks now, and I've been keeping my eyes open for ... a better repellent. I'm not opposed to chemicals, I'm just kind of opposed to putting things on my skin (and that of my child!) that *must* be washed off, and are greasy in their own right, etc. So. Garden Mandy has 5 Homemade Chemical Free Bug Repellents That Work, Gomestic's Five Plants that Repel Mosquitoes, lots of good suggestions and links at Kelly The Kitchen Kop, and Do It Yourself's Making Insect Repellent with Basil.

Admittedly I don't really have "grown up" decorator tastes yet, but for when I do, I really like this Cheap Wall Art at The Adventures of One Crazy Lady.

Along those lines is this How To Make Inexpensive Artwork at In My Own Style - using a canvas and some lovely tissue paper!

Raising Kids, Cleaning House from Faith & Family Live is a good reminder for me to keep my eyes on the prize when working with Goose on household chores. (Which I need to step up!)

I hope to try this with my nieces in a few weeks - How To Make Puffy Paint from One Crafty Mumma, guest posting at Skip To My Lou.

Oh, Katie, where were you a month ago? Learn what 8 (or more!) things to put in the holes in which you plant your tomatoes (besides tomato plants, silly!) at Kitchen Stewardship. Make sure to read through the comments.

I'm not sure how interested I'd have been in Listography (a personal database of lists) had I not seen an example of how it works for Melissa Wiley.

I think the best gifts are ones really tailored to the recipient, like this Customized Baby Gift at Parenting The Tiniest of Miracles. (hint: it's a wallet for a little one who loves to dig through mama's!)

Though I've read the book, I'm actually getting more out of The Simple Dollar's series on Getting Things Done. You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

I really liked this article on Discernment by Peter Kreeft.

Another Faith & Family Live gem this week - Seeking a Sign.

Elizabeth Foss has blessed us again with Shattered Time.

Oh, my, lots of food for thought from Katie at Kitchen Stewardship in Real Gardening vs. American Lawncare. It kind of ties in with the homesteading and self-sufficiency that I've been reading about, and it makes a person think about what one *could* be doing.

The Simple Dollar has some good tips on Delayed Gratification and Children.

I know one or two of you are fellow LOSTies, and here is a link at The Beat to some possible resolution since the finale left me and many others thinking "what the...what?!?"


a moderate life said...

Wonderful roundup! We just had to pull out all our carpet in our basement and throw out our furniture due to a broken downspout! Love your blog. Picked up your rss feed! Alex@amoderatelife

Counting Coconuts said...

Thank you so much for posting this roundup of fantastic ideas and for thinking my idea worthy of mentioning! :)

Counting Coconuts

Kari said...

Thanks for posting about the cheap wall art project and for letting me know that you did it :) Your weekly roundup looks good! :)

InMyOwnStyle said...

hi Lenetta-

Thanks for leaving me the nice comment and linking up to my Tissue Paper Picasso post.

I have had my basement flood. We had re landscaped and the ground was at different level right next to the house which caused the water to come in. We had to change a few things with the landscaping and have not had a problem since.
Thanks again for including my link in your roundup
My best - Diane

Candi said...

Thanks for linky love! Great round up too!

Zimms Zoo said...

We had most of interstates shut down because of the flooding around here. One Sonic was completely under water.BOO!

Couple that with the devastating tornados we had a few weeks ago and it has really down some damage to our fair state.

Anyways I can empathize with the rain that you are having.