Sunday, November 8, 2009

Link Roundup - Harvest Edition

Thankfully Hubs and the in-laws are able to be in the fields after rain and snow and more rain. Let's hope the nice weather holds! I think they should get done with soybeans today, and then we'll move on to corn.

Hopefully I'll make some time during Goose's nap today to update my Handmade Christmas post (no peeking for those of you on my gift list!) - I've been working hard!

Here's the link love for the week -

Sometime, I'd like to get some felt food made for Goose. I stumbled across Lit'l Brown Bird, which has links to patterns and tutorials in her Etsy shop as well as links to some free ones. Valerie at Frugal Family Fun blog has some cute felt food in her new Etsy shop. (And, may I mention that I WON a super-fun felt food pattern in a giveaway at Today's Creative Blog?!?)

Happy Zombie has some very cute "poochie bags" made from three fat quarters.

I have to say I'm the kind of person that, when I'm in the middle of a project of which I may or may not be following a pattern, thinks "hey, I should put a pocket on this!" And now, thanks to Tipnut, I have one place that shows me how to make pockets for every purpose.

Goose isn't into letters yet, but the time is coming soon . . . I wonder if I could make something like this spinny speller from Chasing Cheerios?


Valerie at FFFB also did some easy "baking" for the birds with her five year old.

Danielle Bean posted at Faith & Family Live about a new version of parental controls on TV called MPower Media. Sounds very interesting!

I totally thought I posted this last week but must have missed it somehow - Donielle at Naturally Knocked Up explains how to make elderberry syrup, which is supposed to be excellent for building up your immune system.

One blog I greatly admire is that of Kimberlee at Pondered in My Heart. She has some really lovely alphabet coloring pages illustrated by various actions that we all want our children to emulate. You can also find G-J here. What a blessing!

The Happy Housewife has some excellent suggestions for frugal Christmas wrap. I think I'm going to jump all over the clearance Christmas fabric after Christmas and use it to make bags for next year. Awesome idea! (And, you could use my ribbon storage idea to keep track of your ribbons from year to year!)

Along those lines, The Prudent Homemaker has a guest post on Mom's Frugal on what to do for Christmas when you have zero budget for it. Great ideas there!

I try to be careful with my laptop, but I bet sooner or later I'll need to know what to do when you spill on your laptop, thanks to Trent at the Simple Dollar.

This is going to go on my craft-a-day list for my nieces this Christmas - mixing colors with shaving cream from Chasing Cheerios.

Same with this winter tree silhouette from Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Karen Edmisten explains why we pray for the dead, especially during November, the month of all saints and all souls.

Dan Burke wrote a provoking article about treating his wife as she deserves, after all, she is a Daughter of the King. Good food for thought, especially when I flip it and apply to my Hubs, who is indeed a Son of the King.

Bethany at the Apple Cider Mill has a great Advent primer post.

Danielle Bean has a great column on Sanitized Childhood at Inside Catholic.

Here's the video targeted at little ones for this week's Gospel message at Faith & Family Live.


MommyLydia said...

A better solution I have seen for keeping track of ribbon? Sew them on the Christmas bag.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Thanks so much for the links! It's funny, I stumbled across Lil' Brown Bird recently too! I've been so busy crafting up gifts lately, but it's so much fun!