Sunday, November 22, 2009

Link Roundup - What Doin'? Edition

Around here, I'm getting asked "what doin'?" approximately 346 times per hour. I'm thinking the "why?" stage isn't going to be far behind. The good news is that means Goose is trying to figure out the world around her, and I'm trying my best to help her figure it out.

Oh, I've been meaning to ask you guys - does it make you crazy that I don't have my blog set up to open links in new windows? Personally, I HATE having too many windows open. I always hold down the CTL key and click on the link, which opens it in a new tab in the same window. Or you can right click on a link and choose Open in New Tab or Open in New Window. Since I do this for YOU, I'm certainly open to suggestions . . .

Also, I'm working on a couple of bathtub fishing games to put in my Etsy shop and I've been working really hard on my Handmade Christmas stuff, too, and I hope to update that this week. And I suppose I ought to get around to another About Me post. Not because I'm all that interesting, but *I'M* enjoying it, anyway. :>)

Remember I mentioned I got sucked into the Sew, Mama, Sew scrap buster contest posts? Yeah, those are going to have to go in a separate post. There are a lot of them. But, who doesn't love making something out of . . . well, nothing? I asked my MIL today if she'd like to thin her scrap collection a bit. I've found a few projects to make and my scrap pile is kinda scraggly. :>)

HOLY COW, I almost published this without mentioning the newest member of our family! Hubs finally bought himself a miniature donkey. He's a cute little guy and needs a name - we're soliciting suggestions! So far, my favorites are Radar or Roscoe, but we haven't settled on one yet.

So, anyway, links!

This pom pom lamp from Ruffles and Stuff is really cute and not at all the fire hazard I was envisioning at first. :>) I'm wondering if one of my nieces doesn't need this (and yes, maybe my Goose).

Crafty Nest has a neat idea for a framed silhouette word (though I'll admit even the cheaper linked frames are still out of my league . . . I'm thinking the idea is totally adaptable.)

Somehow I managed to forget that my sister-in-law mentioned my oldest niece would like some bookmarks for Christmas. Luckily I found a ton of links - Anna Maria Horner, Skip to My Lou, How About Orange, and Infarrantly Creative - lots of super cute ones to choose from already!

I realized that my sewing machine is getting a bit dusty in places since it doesn't have a cover - which will be easily remedied with this sewing machine cover how to by Chez Larsson. I was really excited when I saw the link to the how to recover an ironing board until I looked at my ironing board and realized it has a metal board. Ah, well.

Continuing my felt food obsession (seriously, just make some already!) is this link to tomatoes, fried eggs, and pancakes at Creative 2x Mom. And felt cookies at Many Little Blessings.

Remember the wings from my 100th post giveaway? Here's how to make your own. Instead of using the hangars, I recommend keeping an eye out at the thrift store for a pair that needs recovering and follow the directions from that point on.

I have warm fuzzies for Rachael Ray because before I weaned Goose, she'd wake up from her afternoon nap and we'd sit on the couch for some mama's milk and Rach. Good times. Anyway. Rachael has some yummy sounding butternut squash risotto.

Amy at Finer Things linked up to this black bean soup. I love me some black beans, so let me know what your fam thinks, 'k Amy?

Sarah from Sarah's Musings has a delicious looking recipe for sourdough french bread. I think I'm going to have to give that one a try - mmmmm!

Bethany at the Apple Cider Mill posted Hungarian coffee cake in celebration of St. Elizabeth of Hungary's feast day.

Cookin' Kids has a free newsletter with "cooking tips, stories from our readers, tips to help your kids in the kitchen,
cool cooking-related websites,and a recipe or two" - sounds good to me!

From Craftzine - velcro catch ball. And a cutie to demonstrate it!

Just add water mini-paintings at Inspired Ideas would be fun for Goose and my littler nieces. (Don't forget about the low-budget version of paint with water previously mentioned.)

While I'd rather visit my knitting buddy, here's a website devoted to learning to knit with videos!

I always appreciate it when bloggers link back to posts that perhaps were written before I started reading them, or maybe it just didn't sink in at the time. (Or I didn't have a blog to share it with you.) Jennifer at Conversion Diary has a great explanation on offering it up. And Tupac and childbirth. Great stuff.

This week, Jennifer also posted on how asking for prayers worked for her.

See how Karen Edmisten does No-Panic Advent.

Elizabeth Foss writes about connecting depression, burnout, and surrendering to find God.

Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles has a neat series called "Dear New Mommy" with the latest installment for the home stretch of pregnancy.

This is worth some pondering - Trent at The Simple Dollar makes the case that It's Not the School, It's the Student regarding the importance (or lack thereof) of a brand name school education.

Bethany at Happy to Be Called Mommy posted a quote from Sarah Palin's book where Palin writes about a miscarriage she suffered. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Sarah Palin (and Bethany, for that matter).

Considering my pile of books to read gets longer by the day (I brought home a handful of really good ones from Goodwill today!), I doubt I'll get around to listening to these CDs, but Faith & Family Live has some glowing words for Detaching with Love by Fr. Emmerich Vogt.

Happy clicking - and you can look forward to another RTWI installment soon with all my favorites from the Sew, Mama, Sew! scrap busters contest. I know I'm a nut, but I can't wait to look at them again. :>)


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Ha! I love the title of this. I get asked this question about a billion times a day too! I'll be sad when she stops asking me, though. *sniff sniff* Kids grow up too fast!

Looking forward to the scrap busting posts, and I am loving the links you provided here. You find the coolest stuff on the internet! Where do you find this stuff??

Lenetta said...

Valerie, I always feel just a bit less guilty when I see you're still up, too - and you're an hour ahead of me! :>)

I've been trying to pay attention to where I find things - though if I did the "hat tip" or "polite nod" thing, these posts would be even longer and they're long enough already!

I just throw things in a favorites folder as I find them, but I look at Kitchen Tip Tuesday on Tammy's Recipes, Frugal Friday at Life as Mom, MotherLoad's Notebook, and Tipnut to name a few. And you know how you start clicking around and you end up finding great idea after great idea? Yeah, that's how it goes. There are so many great sites out there and it's just impossible to follow them all, so I try to skim the surface and make peace with the fact that I can't (nor would I want to!) find *every* cute project out there . . .

Now I'm off to bed!

MommyLydia said...

I love your lots of links post. You always have SOMETHING to check out there! And make me plan more project I'll never finish (sigh)

Zimms Zoo said...

I haven't even finished reading the post but I wanted to comment on the donkey name. It needs to be Tucker! There is a miniature horse on Racing Stripes and I thought that he was a donkey for the longest time. I thought the name was great.

I am going to finish reading the post though. I have a project we are working on that I will send you a link too when we finish it and it was made from free to me fabric.

Angela said...

I love the post on offering up suffering!

And I vote for Roscoe. :)

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Wow -- that is quite a list!

Thanks so much for linking to my felt cookies. I'm only just learning needlework crafts this year, and I thought they were really easy to do -- you can do it too! :)

Bethany said...

Lenetta, happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanks so much for linking to my post.