Saturday, June 27, 2009

Link Roundup, Mowed Lawn Version

Hubs mowed our lawn today, and I helped a bit. I think it's been six weeks that our mower has been in the shop (we think they lost our number, and since it wouldn't fit in the trunk of my car, *I* wasn't going to call . . .) - though Hubs has mowed a few times with the riding mower. Let's just say the garden is well-mulched now.

Kitchen Tip: Seriously, file this under "I can't believe it worked" - before Goose and I left for church tonight, I lit the grill on one side and put a frozen casserole on the other side. It was one of my baked spaghetti casseroles. By the time we got home (around two hours after I threw it on), the edges were warm enough to eat, though the middle wasn't quite hot. It was only in the mid 80s, today, too!

To go with it, I softened some butter in the microwave and stirred in some shredded mozzarella then some Garlic Bread Sprinkle. I spread that on some hamburger buns that were getting a bit old, and put them on the grill on low. Once the cheese was melted, the bread was sufficiently crispy on the bottom and it was good! I was glad to not have to use the oven, too.

Don't know that I'll bother to make the stars, but I marked this post at Alphamom for the sidewalk chalk recipe.

Homemade bubbles, this time at Make and Takes. Another one here at Sparkle Power. And this one at Living a Better Life.

I've seen these little baby gifts around (this one at Kate's Kitchen), a little bag that will hold a travel case of wipes and a diaper, sometimes perhaps a travel changing pad as well. However, those of us who are in love with our cloth diapers would need a bigger bag! (and a wet bag of some sort . . . )

Had to double check - I found this finger paint recipe at Pepper Paints - I posted one a while back on poster paint.

These sun prints are interesting, but I found myself wondering if one couldn't do something similar with a dark colored piece of construction paper and a south-facing window, plus more patience and the ability to leave it be for a while. (The Light Garden)

No Time For Flashcards posted on making your own post office and toddler shopping list. Fun!

This huge indoor drying rack at Engineer a Debt Free Life provides an interesting alternative to a clothesline. It would be rather practical in the wintertime when one needs moisture in the house, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to sacrifice THAT MUCH space for it. Priorities, I suppose.

How cute is this sweet pea tipi?!? (or teepee - depends on your region, I suppose) (@ Chasing Cheerios) I love the idea of making something like that more or less permanent.

Solar ovens are fascinating to me right now (here's one at but refer to my casserole on the grill above and I wonder if I need it. Of course, we do have to buy the propane.

Make your own bath toys at Plum Pudding.

This homemade rain at Salt and Chocolate was so intriguing that I had to click through. Something tells me that if I put a swimsuit on Goose and handed this to her, she'd love it!

Very cute backpack made from a towel at The Idea Room (via Lori).

For the toddler/preschool/homeschool set: toddler activity bags and phonics bags here, here, and here (Chasing Cheerios and Muses of Megret).

More popsicle recipes, found at Tipnut.

I'll probably never make these, but these sweet burgers and fries are ADORABLE. (Bakerella, who else?)

I keep stumbling across Muffin Tin Monday where you serve your toddler's lunch in a muffin tin on Mondays per whatever theme they have. Wonder if Goose would eat better that way? She might be a bit young to be charmed by the concept. Today, she ate her peas and left most of her pizza.

These lollipop firework cake toppers are so cool! I'm thinking flowers . . . (@ Wisdom of the Moon)

Our pantry is a large cupboard, which is more than many have. Still, if we ever build a house, I would love a walk-in pantry, and ideas on how to organize it are always a good thing. Scroll down the comments to the one from Kay Brooks for good info.

****DON'T DO :>)
Trying to resist adding to my reader: Teach Mama. Argh! I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out!


Verity said...

Thanks for including me! Hope you have a great weekend!

Meredith said...

Thanks for the mention! Your baked spaghetti on the grill is pretty brilliant.

I have a couple of rock-hard frozen casseroles that I dread heating the oven to cook, too.

Mel said...

Excellent Links!! Thanks for 'rounding them up' *wink*

Coupons and Freebies Mom said...

Thanks for linking to our airdry laundry rack. We actually didn't give up space for it, as it's on our back porch and we weren't really doing anything with the space anyway. We love being able to air dry laundry year round. The sun on the back porch heats up the porch nicely in the winter.

Money Savin' Momma
Engineer a Debt Free Life

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for including me Lenetta. I love these sort of "Roundup" posts--so fun to see what others are reading.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

I love your link roundup today. I may have to start doing the samet hing. For now I have this file that has like dozens of links under "to blog about" and it's one of those "one day" projects. I might as well just put them all in one post and let people take what they'd like. You've given so much wonderful variety here and lots of fun.

I agree that we cloth diaperers would need a bigger bag. But so cute!

Also, speaking of your frozen casseroles--for my 3rd pregnancy last year, my dear friend had a "frozen casserole shower" for my family. It was amazing. All of the ladies brought their favorite frozen dishes and we loaded up our deep freezer. With it being our 3rd baby, we really didn't need much so this shower really hit the spot. Maybe I'll have to blog it some time.

Have a great week!


Wendy said...

I'll be checking out several of these links.

And thanks for linking to me! It's funny that you mentioned making flowers because I did just that this weekend. (Another of my readers had made the same suggestion and boy are you guys sharp. It turned out wonderfully. Pictures are up if you're interested.)

Glad you stopped by. :)