Saturday, January 23, 2010

Link Roundup - Will The Sun Ever Shine Again? Edition

I love Nebraska, and I love living here. But I am NOT loving all the awful fog we've been having - I've barely seen the sun in somewhere around a week. (It's all fuzzy.) The lousy part is that it sounds like we're in for at least a few more days of clouds and yuck. Hopefully we'll get some sunshine soon!

Thankfully, the internet is a bright, shiny place, full of fun things. Let's take a look!

I've not seen magic fairy wands like these at Blue Cricket Design. Poof! Very fun!

These family blocks at Chris, Erin, and Jayce are a neat way to remind a little one of far-away loved ones. (And I think it rocks that Mom made a set for herself!)

File this away for next year - Santa's Belly Candle Holders and a bonus handprint tree at Crafty Chic Mommy.

I'm loving this dollar spot towel skirt at creativegal42. Especially how there is part of the towel left over to applique on a shirt to make it match!

At For What It's Worth...Or Not, a sweet Grandma's lucky charms bracelet using Scrabble tiles. Considering my mother has four granddaughters whose names begin with "K" (all of them except Goose), I think I'm going to need another spare Scrabble game for that one. :>)

Also at For What It's Worth...Or Not (what can I say, the name makes me laugh!) - I like this monogram family plaque.

A must for a little girl who loves "Little House On the Prairie" - vintage sunbonnet pattern.

This gooey hearts day shirt makeover tutorial at Happy Together is crazy cute! And I love how it makes the shirt longer.

Mia Moo Designs has a very fun felt heart candy tutorial - my favorite part is using a sharpie to write the words. I'd be fumbling around trying to embroider them, which would take a zillion times longer and probably not look as good!

Oh, I'm digging these! How Does She... posted a very fun a`maze'ing Valentine's card tutorial. I love the way she altered it to fit her sewing skills!

I coulda used this a month or two ago - make your own bookmarks at Tipnut. (The ones I did - which are takes off some of these - are at my Handmade Christmas 2009 post.)

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has 10 tips for even better chicken stock.

Check out these sourdough crepes at Sarah's Musings!

"It's just like you're drinking a brownie!" If that doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will. I think I need to try these warm chocolate soothers from Heavenly Homemakers. ***Special note - if you used to be a subscriber, you need to know that Laura has changed servers and lost ALL her subscribers! Doesn't matter if you subscribed in a reader or via e-mail, you'll need to re-subscribe. I didn't realize how much I've missed her!

Chasing Cheerios posted a fun number wheel activity that would be super easy to replicate.

We usually do pretty well with tomatoes, but I learned quite a bit from this growing tomatoes tip sheet at Tipnut.

What a great idea - remaking play food boxes to last at Helping Little Hands. Make sure to check out the Felt Food Cook Along Tutorials in the sidebar!

It's surprising how good I am at not looking in my oven, but I'm starting to realize that I need to check out these simple, safe, and frugal ways to clean your stovetop and oven at Kitchen Stewardship.

The post that reminded me of the above oven issue, Katie speaks of more than resolutions: why go green?

Brett Kelly has some interesting tips on How to Make Today a 25 Hour Day. (Warning - PG13 language.)

A guest post at Kitchen Stewardship, Cara from Health, Home and Happiness has some great quick tips for keeping a clean kitchen.

Going back to a post from this summer, Donielle at Naturally Knocked Up wrote about natural cures for mastitis. I recognized the beginning stages of mastitis when Goose was about two months old on Sunday of Memorial Weekend. I spent the day resting in bed with my baby, who I latched on at every possible opportunity. I also drank plenty of water. Thankfully it went away!

Boy, oh boy does this have me thinking - 40 bags of stuff via Shower of Roses. Basically, you get rid of a bag of stuff a day during Lent. This is the sort of thing I need to think about and plan ahead, so starting now would be idea for me. :>)

Thanks to Angela for sending me this article from Catholic Exchange "Does God Want Us To Worry?" (short answer - which I love! - is "Be Not Afraid!")

I'd call this a black eye for socialized health care: a Canadian couple seeks an injunction to keep their baby alive, via Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

This falls under the "ponder" category, I guess - Katie at Kitchen Stewardship posted about some home remedies for ear infections. I bought some sweet oil that I've put in my ears a number of times when I have suspected I might be getting an ear infection and the warm oil feels *good*.

Sippy cups for Christ is a great post on a mother's works of mercy at Faith & Family Live.


Angela said...

I hear ya, we've had SO much fog here, too! It's making me feel even more "blah" than I already was. We had an ice storm overnight last night, and our power flickered on and off, but thankfully has stayed on since. We are so thankful, as there are lots of people in the state without power right now.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my remaking kids' play food boxes post and letting people know about the felt food cook-along.

Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Twice, for about thirty seconds each, the sun poked through my windows. WOW. And then it went away again. But it sure was nice while it lasted. :)

Thanks for the links and for trying to help me get all my subscribers back!!!

BJ_Mama said...

Thanks for the shout out! You have LOTS of things on your to-do's almost as big as mine! ;)

Sarah McDonald said...

Thank you for linking my post, I need to get more posts going!

Erin A said...

Fun roundup!! Thanks for linking to me! (and don't tell my son, but my favorite blocks are the ones I kept for myself too :)