Saturday, January 16, 2010

Link Roundup - SIGH Edition

As noted yesterday, Goose is under the weather. She seems a bit better today, but there is still a lot of "Mama hold you" and messes have been held to a minimum but are still there. (And I've had to keep working on yesterday's mess. Ick, eew, and blech.)

But, there are lots of pretty, shiny links to click, and doesn't that make everything better?

Should we ever be blessed with a little boy, I *will* be making these, and my hubs will love it: Ribbon Bow Tie Tutorial at Keeping It Simple.

While the design is wonderful ("Big Sister" embroidered in German at Muffins and More), what I love even more are the links to Primrose Design that has a little something called "Stitch School" in the sidebar, that explains embroidery stitches. Oh, the possibilities!! [Update - thanks for the heads up from Miss Muffin - there is now a Stitch School blog!]

Muffins and More has a very sweet mail kit tutorial in Lovely Letters. (Refer to Stitch School for more info on the blanket stitch! Whoo!)

I'm a sucker for such cuteness as these embroidered felt hair clips at Treasures For Tots.

You can see the fabric "paper" dolls my MIL made for Goose here (scroll down). Since the fabric is tough to find, an easier method is to use heavy paper and print your own magnetic paper dolls as shown at One Pearl Button.

"Feeding" (ha!) my felt food obsession: no sew felt pasta at Treasures for Tots.

[Remember my policy about if I keep linking to a blog, it's time to subscribe? Looks like that's where I'm headed with Treasures For Tots!] SUPER CUTE and not too hard - How To Make Tiny Fairy Dolls. Even cuter? They tuck into "bug catcher" necklaces! (Link to that project in the post.)

I love this idea - turn socks into long sleeves at Treasures For Tots.

Aaaand finally, a tutorial on how to turn a potholder and a dish towel into a child's apron. Whew.

Thanks to Zimms Zoo for the heads up on this make a drawstring halter top at Craft Stylish. I especially like how it is cute and feminine without being a bit racy.

I just so happen to have an extra Scrabble game, and I'd love to do something like this make your own magnet board at Twice Remembered. Though I think I'd go small scale and use a cookie sheet. :>)

This is a very fun idea - make matchbook notepads at Sweet Brown Sugars.

Poor Hubs. For most of the two months leading up to Christmas, we were shuffling my ironing board around while I was working on my handmade Christmas gifts. Every time I'd take it down, the next day I'd invariably need it again and we'd trip over it for a while. My MIL hooked me up with a tabletop ironing pad that had a small cutting mat on the back side for Christmas. If she hadn't, I'd be all over this tabletop ironing pad tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.

Yup, these are making me hungry the second time around - Italian Chicken Melts at Eat At Home.

If you're on the same journey I am in eyeing the yogurt making process, here's one more: Level Up Your Yogurt Game at Kitchen Stewardship.

Right up there with making my own yogurt is baking bread. Here's a no-knead bread hack into a sandwich loaf at the kitchn.

We have some garden onions that need turning into caramelized onion marmalade and then full circle into three cheese fondue. MMMM.

Not sure if any of you will be as geeked out about this as I am, but I'm looking forward to clicking around a site called Nebraska Memories, which is "a cooperative project to digitize Nebraska-related historical and cultural heritage materials and make them available to researchers of all ages via the Internet". Sounds great to me!

There isn't much too much "making" involved with these repurposed containers at Skip To My Lou. Though I think most of the cuteness comes from the super-cute paper used.

Lots and lots of awesome Valentine's Day Ideas at Skip To My Lou.

I've started acquiring bias tape but haven't quite figured out what to do with it - I'm thinking I'll start by watching this bias tape tutorial video at Angry Chicken.

Perhaps this is the reason I can't seem to get rid of Christmas cards - The Long Thread reminds us to recycle them into Holiday Card Gift Tags. (Too bad I don't have the super-easy circle punch, though...)

An oldie but a goodie, found at In the Heart of My Home: St. Francis de Sales Wrote Me a Letter?

Happy clicking!


Angie@treasures for tots said...

Wow! Thank you for linking to my blog so much! I'm really glad you like my little craft projects - and that you subscribed too!

Let me know when you get a button so I can post it on my blog! I'm a follower now too!

care-in said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog. I love posts like this when people share links they love!

Ms Muffin said...

Thanks for having me on your round-up! Feel very flattered ... :-)

Ms Muffin said...

Just letting you know there is a whole new blog now called stitch school!!! I included the new link to the post about the embroidered shirt
Thought maybe you find that interesting ... :-)
Have a great day!

Zimms Zoo said...

I was looking at your magnetic board idea and thought that I would share this. At our local dollar tree they have little metal trays right now. They have little scrolly designs and are super cute. Somewhere (and I can't remember whereand I have going to need to hunt it down) they had a magnetic craft for this. I bought one yesterday and magnets attach to it easily. i thought that it might be an alternative to the cookie sheet.

I also found another t-shirt tutorial that my 11yo is going to try. She has found a reason to sew again. One thing we did find on the shirts was to make sure they were longer than you would want them so that when you cut them off they weren't too short. One became a dress for the baby.

Hey are you on FB?

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Okay, my favorites this week are lovely Letters (BJ loves writing us letters, so how cool if she could just reuse the same felt envelope instead of using up all my thank you note envelopes!), Turn socks into long sleeves (I'm pumped about this one, and I'm so glad you pointed out the Nebraska Memories page. My town and county are not involved, so I'd love to point it out to a few people like our historical museum. How fun!

Thanks, grrrrl!