Sunday, December 27, 2009

Link Roundup - Snowed In Again Edition

We had a lovely Christmas Blizzard here in Nebraska, and it was all we could do to get to Christmas dinner a mile away in the 4 wheel drive pickup. Now we're just digging out and waiting for the county to do their part to dig us out - and we're very thankful the power stayed on. We had lots of blinks and blips that made me hold my breath, though!

That didn't stop me from collecting a big pile of links - not quite as big as some of the piles of snow outside, but I did the best I could. :>)

Unfortunately, Christmas Mass was cancelled for us (the priest was not able to make it from the nearby town) so I took advantage of the extra time to make a Poinsettia Hair Clip for Goose, as found at Skip To My Lou. Mine is a bit different as I only had an alligator clip (poing!) sort of barrette. I wanted to cover the end so it didn't snag Goose's hair - I'd have used green felt to make a stem if I'd have had any upstairs. I didn't, so I just used red.

Matching painted peg doll necklaces at Chasing Cheerios would be a fun tradition to start - and they double as ornaments.

Martha Stewart has some interesting homemade dime store games. I am a fan of homemade, but I'll admit I don't quite get some of them...

Here are some Green Christmas Crafts from No Time for Flashcards.

This I-Spy baby quilt from Chasing Cheerios would be a fun project for a special baby.

Half MAKE and half EAT (but all CUTE!) are these tiny gingerbread houses that perch on the rim of your mug from Not Martha, and their variations.

My head just exploded over the 100 Holiday Crafts at The Long Thread. (I'm so crafted out from my Handmade Christmas and yet I can't stop looking!)

Remember this hat that was mine and now belongs to Goose? It's getting too small, but she loves it SO MUCH. My friend Camilla (not to be confused with my cat Camilla) sent me the link to this very sweet ruffled hat, but I'm going to have to get a LOT better at knitting before I'm ready to give it a shot...

A thank-you to Zimms Zoo for pointing out this tutorial on how to transfer inkjet images to wood. (You may remember her as the one who does way more of my projects than I do! :>))

Admittedly, I have so many pizza crust recipes, I'll probably never be able to try them all out, but that hasn't stopped me from collecting more on my quest to find a crust that we actually like. The latest addition is this homemade pizza recipe from DarwinCatholic.

I've only eaten Fried Ravioli once in my life - I'm guessing I don't make it at home because it wouldn't be prudent for me to EAT THE WHOLE BATCH like I want to.

Unfortunately I completely blew off making these overnight cherry danishes for Christmas morning breakfast but the cinnamon rolls I picked up were still delicious. :>) I think I'll make a point to whip these up for Hubs's birthday in a few weeks.

I'm a big fan of blueberries and could lose a LOT of time checking out Yum!

Elsie Marley has some neat printable Advent coloring pages.

Cute holiday printables (tags and whatnot) over at Skip to My Lou. Because Christmas is coming again next year! Start getting ready now, and maybe you can avoid some of the stress that seems to accompany the season. :>)

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship makes an connection that never occurred to me between the Eucharist and the manger in which Jesus was laid after His birth in Christmas Food Brings Us Together.

While this is more of a LEARN type post, I'll put it here because of the author, it's another post by Katie from Kitchen Stewardship. Katie had a guest post on ProBlogger with Rookie Lessons for New Bloggers.

There is a great article on Welcoming Baby Jesus within our own daily tasks at Faith & Family Live - music to the ears of this snowed-in, cabin-fevered mama...

Wondering just what these O Antiphons are that everyone keeps talking about? Find out at Advent Ends On a High Note at Faith & Family Live.

One of the things I love about Karen Edmisten is her predictability! (Trust me, she'd be OK with that.) She re-ran a couple of great Christmas posts here, my favorite of which is the second one, Christmas Christians. It's a really good reminder for this time of year.


mrsdarwin said...

I hope you'll enjoy the pizza crust! Several people have told me that it's just too wet to work with, and indeed I find that I can put in less water depending on what time of year it is and how humid it is. So feel free to tinker with that.

Thanks for the link!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks for the link, and I'm glad you like my predictability. But then, you probably predicted that I'd say that, didn't you? :)

Zimms Zoo said...

I can't wait to post pics of the things that we made for our family. But babylegs topped the list. We use ours non-stop!

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What great links! I'm off to check out The Long Thread. I think it will blow my mind. :-) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a great 2010!!

Angela said...

I'm also searching for the perfect pizza crust, I'll have to check that one out. I have a clone recipe of Pizza Hut's original pan pizza crust that I'm determined to try one of these days.

I haven't been on the computer for a while, so Merry Christmas (a little late)!

Amy Brown said...

Thanks for linking to my Green Holiday Crafts post over at No Time For Flash Cards. I never did a guest post before so the encouragement is welcome!

MommyLydia said...

Do you have any recommendations for magnet play boards for little ones?

Lenetta said...

MBR - Hmm, I don't have anything specific to recommend. Over in my car activity post, I have a few magnetic things - pictures, puzzles, dolls (except I think your little one is a boy :>)). I have seen a few crafts that use altoid mint type tins to make little games, but that'd be for older kids. If you want to tell me a little more about what you're thinking, I might be able to help you brainstorm.