Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Link Roundup - Pandora's Box Edition

Wow. I didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted! I didn't have very many links last weekend, so I decided to skip doing a roundup. Then Hubs and Goose and I spent this past weekend at my brother's; in fact, Goose is still there playing with her cousins. Mama is enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, although I've been doing a fair bit of thinking and pondering, and I feel like I've opened Pandora's Box on a few things. Here's hoping I can stuff back in the things that ought not be out.

One crazy thing about not posting - remember that I did a giveaway a few months ago sponsored by CSN Stores, the company that sells everything from soup to nuts and dinnerware sets to ... well, just about anything a person would want to buy and more? Well, this time I get to do a review! I am choosing a griddle, so I can make bigger batches of tortillas and pancakes and french toast go faster. Can't wait! Except I've needed to post and tell you guys about it to get the ball rolling, and it's taken me waaay too long to do so. But I'll be cookin' up a storm soon now!

How 'bout we hit some links?

SO PRETTY - check out this Magnetic Pin Dish Tutorial from Diary of a Quilter. This might end up on my Christmas handmade gift list for my quilting MIL...

Mercy, this just about should go under "do" but I'll put it here anyway - it's an Super Quick Fishing Game from Frugal Family Fun Blog. And Valerie's Fairy Cafe pretty much sums up how my cleaning attempts go. (ooh, something shiny! ... ) Also, after reading about this Nature Study Kit From Recyclables, who wouldn't want to invite themselves over for a playdate at Valerie's? I'm not done yet - Modern Wall Art, No Mess Marbled Painting, and Pretty Peacock Pictures. Seriously, if you haven't subscribed to FFFB by now, what on earth are you waiting for???

Definitely going on the Handmade Christmas Gifts for a niece is this DIY Geoboard at No Time For Flashcards. I've seen them before, but I really like the looks of these nails.

Since I'd like to eat more squash, I'm digging this post from Tipnut on Squash Recipes.

Does anybody else think it's funny that we tend to use the slow cooker more during the winter, when it would actually be better during the summer so as to not heat up the kitchen? No? Just me? Well, anyway, check out this recipe for Slow Cooker Creamy Turkey Dinner from A Year of Slow Cooking.

Blueberries are still going strong in our stores, and I'm eyeing this Blueberry Crumb Cake from The Pioneer Woman.

My "to read" pile is already far too big, but I can't help eye the sewing books in Four Favorites over at MADE.

This looks like a fun Paint and Peel Math Craft at No Time For Flashcards.

You can download free audio books at Books Should Be Free.

I love to learn more about living the liturgical year, and I just stumbled across A Continual Feast Continued, a blog by the author of the cookbook by the same name.

Some of these would be perfect for my Nappy-lovin' Goose - No Time For Flashcards has a post on Books About Cats.

Simple but fun, I like the looks of these Tree Trunk Crayon Rubbings as seen at Chasing Cheerios.

Not sure if I'll ever have one, but convection ovens fascinate me. If you have one, check out these Convection Oven Cooking Tips at Tipnut.

File this under "hope I never need to know": How To Remove Permanent Marker at Tipnut.

Need a smile at the expense of a snow leopard's pride? Check out Is...Is That All There Is? at Cute Overload.

How cute is this Wizard of Oz Party at One Charming Party?!? (hint: CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!)

Faith & Family Live's post The Kids Are Alright gave lots of food for thought. [It's subtitled "a hippie mom of many reflects on 41 years of family life"]

Jennifer at Conversion Diary asks How Can Parents Help Children Stay Strong in Their Faith?.

Also at Faith & Family Live, learn how A Busy Life Can Be Prayerful.

I'd not ever heard the prayer to Our Lady of Surprises before - nor actually even heard that title for Mary, but I like the prayer!

Happy clicking, all...


Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

I always enjoy your links. I read food blogs everyday and enjoy being led to my other interests like crafts. I'm now following No Time For Flashcards and adored that pin dish! The free audio books I've linked in our MOMS Club newsletter too. Thanks for the inspiration as always :)

amy smart said...

Thank you so much for sharing my tutorial! I'm so glad you liked it too. :)

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

OMG! Thank you SO much for all the link love -- I'm feeling like a rock star!!

I'm off to check out the other links too -- I'm so curious about the Wizard of Oz Party... that sounds amazing!

Thanks again! (((hugs)))