Saturday, October 31, 2009

Link Roundup - Tricks or Treats Edition

Care Bear costume - check. Treat sack - check. Candy Corn Cookie Bark in case we have any relatives trick or treat us - check. Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin watched - check. We're ready for Halloween!

Thursday afternoon, I didn't have many links. I'm not sure what exploded between then and now, but this should keep you clicking for a while -

I'm only a bit ashamed to admit that I still have the box of swiffer pads that I bought when I got my swiffer . . . in my defense, we ONLY have linoleum in the bathrooms and um, OK, I don't clean the floors very often. But once those run out, I think I'll use some towels to make these swiffer covers at Tipnut. (You may remember I made one of the reusable swiffer dusters a while back.)

This book sling is a neat concept for accessible books - I'm tired of picking them all up off the floor since Goose pulls them ALL down looking for the one she wants. Then again, sometimes I'm pretty sure she pulls them all down just for the fun of it . . .

Looks like there should be more details in the comments coming on how to actually *make* this odd corner play tent but I'm willing to bet Hubs could figure it out pretty easily.

Ah, bread, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . . and let me be a weenie about kneading and rising with this roundup of bread machine recipes at Tipnut.

Something tells me I probably couldn't sneak this past Hubs, but I'd still like to try it sometime - Mock Chicken Fried Steak at The Prudent Homemaker.

As usual, I'm intrigued by the concept - spray paint over lace for a funky finish on a dresser (at Daily Danny).

This is a new one to me - dishcloth gourds at Tipnut.

There are some very cute painted (and otherwise embellished) pumpkins at Curbly.

There is an old school desk at my parents' with my name on it that just needs a bit of retouching, but I have another desk in my storage room that would be a great candidate for a school desk makeover like this one at Trey and Lucy.

My friend Kim gave me a heads up on this alphabet box at Itty Bitty Love (which is one of those blogs that I suspect I'll eventually throw in the towel and put in my reader :>)).

Fellow Nebraskan Karen Edmisten talks about not wishing time away in her post When They're Older. Though I'm aware of this phenomenon and try my best to avoid it, I still fall victim to it once in a while.

I'm saddened and a bit relieved for the family of Dorothy Gay Howard, who has been identified as Boulder Jane Doe who was found dead in 1954. The story has been covered over the past several years in a Nebraska newspaper because it was thought for a while that "Jane" could have been a local girl that ran away. There is also a follow-up story about how she may have been killed and who some possible suspects are. How difficult for the family that probably never gave up home that'd she'd eventually come home.

On to happier topics, I really liked this article on the Beatitudes at Faith & Family Live.

Also at F&FL, I'm looking forward to showing this video on Sunday's Gospel reading to Goose.

Have fun surfing!


Maxine said...

O.K., I really like all these links. I think it might be fun to try the dishcloth gourd, and the book sling is awesome. We love books at our house, and Isabel- without fail- empties our bookshelves every single day.
Here's another link to try: I read about it in Family Fun magazine at the dr. office. So that is what we are doing today with all that candy. :)

Lenetta said...

Maxine, I clicked through when you posted it on F&FL and threw it in my bulging homeschool folder already! :>) Looks like a blast . . . if I can just keep myself out of the candy, that is!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Lenetta!

And, wow, on all those crafty links. I'm overwhelmed and underqualified. :)

Elise said...

A book sling is just the thing for my 15 month old boy who likes to see mummy pick up masses of books and then just as the last one goes back onto the shelf he thinks it could be a good idea to perhaps reorganise the bookshelf again - arrrrgh!

I can never get enough of before and after photos and those school deska are amazing. They remind of something that would be used in a professional photo shoot.

Thank you for sharing so many inspiring links.